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High-Speed 3D Printing

Protospeed is a pioneer in High-Speed 3D Printing in UAE. Our 3D printers are capable of printing at speeds of up to 65mm/hour with a layer thickness of 50┬Ám. With multi-mode printing, our 3D printers handle production workflows for multiple types of jewelry, as well as full-length casting trees.

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Protospeed 3D Printer


Protospeed is a leading manufacturer of high-speed 3D printers and premium castable resins for the jewelry industry. Our 3D printers are capable of printing at speeds of up to 65mm/hour with a layer thickness of 50µm, revolutionizing jewelry production timelines without compromising on quality. Our multi-mode printing capabilities provide unparalleled versatility, enabling users to tackle a vast spectrum of jewelry printing projects. Our premium castable resins are meticulously formulated to deliver exceptional casting results. Protospeed's global network of authorized resellers ensures that our innovative 3D printing solutions are accessible to jewelers worldwide. Through our extensive News & Blogs and Media & Training sections, we provide a wealth of resources, including tutorials, guides, and industry news, empowering jewelers to fully harness the potential of 3D printing and elevate their craft to new heights. With our Long Live Vats, designed to support over 800 3D printing jobs, we empower jewelry designers and manufacturers to unleash their creativity without limitations. At Protospeed, we are dedicated to empowering jewelry designers and manufacturers to unlock the limitless possibilities of 3D printing, transforming their creative visions into reality. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, premium materials, and comprehensive support, we are your trusted partner in achieving high-speed 3D printing success.

Magnus 3D Printer


Compact, Fast & Affordable. An Ideal entry level DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry Manufacturing with Higher Resolution, & Higher-Speeds in its catagory. Available in two versions.

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protox 3D Printer


Bigger Platform for Bigger Production workflows supported by Powerful DLP Projector & Higher Speeds for its catagory. ProtoX is an ultimate workhorse designed to work non-stop.

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Rapid 3D Printer


A DLP 3D Printer with perfect equilibrium of High-Speed,Platfrom size & Resolution. Rapid is here to change the game with a platform size that supports All types of jewelry as well as direct casting trees. A compact Machine with Big platform & Ultra-High Resolution. Available in two versions

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Premium Castable Resins

Castable Resin

Elevate your jewelry manufacturing with Protospeed's premium resin collection. Unlock the potential of high accuracy, speed, and throughput in 3D printing & Casting. Crafted to support the High-Speed Printing our printers and to support other DLP & LCD printers aswell.

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Our Resellers

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News & Blogs

Find the latest developements from Protospeed.

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Media & Training

Protospeed timely shares essential tutorials & innovative ideas for 3D Printing.

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The Future of 3D Printing is here

Our 3D printers are meticulously designed to serve not only present demands but also future requirements. Print casting trees directly, maintaining consistent weights and achieving higher speeds, effectively reducing both direct and indirect labor and time costs.