DLP 3D Printer


Protospeed Rapid

Rapid is the fastest DLP 3D printer, with a printing capability of 50-65mm per hour at a 50µm layer thickness. Supported by Pixel Optimization, it has an XY resolution of 49 µm. The Light Engine enhances the quality of prints with smoother surfaces and crisp details, operating 24/7 and supported by high-tech castable resins with high wax content offered by Protospeed. Rapid is designed to easily integrate into jewelry manufacturing workflows with its compact size and user-friendly interface. It comes with a long-life VAT capable of handling over 1000 printing jobs, eliminating the need for frequent platform calibrations and tray changes. The Body to Platform Ratio of Rapid allows it to be one of the few DLP 3D Printers that can print entire 200mm Glass Bangles, Casting Trees, Rings, Chains, and Bracelets while maintaining such a compact size. When compared to Magnus, Rapid has a bigger platform and smaller pixels, making it suitable for midrange to high-production jewelry factories.

  • ✔ Compact
  • ✔ DLP Technology
  • ✔ 20,000 Hour Projector Life
  • ✔ High-Speed Printinting
  • ✔ 200mm Z Axis
  • ✔ Ultra-High Resolution
  • ✔ Big Platform Size
  • ✔ Print Direct Casting Trees
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Full Specifications

Built Volume X,Y,Z Version 1 & Version 2 190 x 107 x 200mm V1 | 160 x 90 x 200mm V2
Pixel Size Version 1 & Version 2 49um | 40um
Technology DLP
Led Wavelength 405nm
Production Jewelry, Dental & Industrial
Software Protospeed Composing Software
File Inputs STL
Network Compatibility Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Power Requirements 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 500watts
System Sizing 482 x 394 x 845mm (47Kg)
Packed Sizing 593 x 504 x 970mm (56Kg)
Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty
Technical Support Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support Included
Bundle Includes "3d printer, Support & Slicing Software, 1kg Resin, 1 long-life tank"