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Compact, fast, and affordable, Magnus is the ideal entry-level DLP 3D printer for jewelry manufacturing, boasting higher resolution and faster speeds in its category. It supports a quick workflow with an in-machine and Wi-Fi-enabled remote slicer, accompanied by a user-friendly interface. Magnus is available in two versions.

  • ✔ High-Speed
  • ✔ Affordable
  • ✔ DLP Technology
  • ✔ 20,000 Hour Projector Life
  • ✔ Small Pixel Size
  • ✔ Compact
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Full Specifications

Built Volume X,Y,Z V1 [134 X 75 X 112mm] | V2 [105 X 59 X 112mm]
Pixel Size 52um | 41um
Technology DLP
Led Wavelength 405nm
Production Jewelry, Dental & Industrial
Software Protospeed Composing Software
File Inputs STL
Network Compatibility Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Power Requirements 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 400watts
System sizing 344 X 276 X 553mm (16.5Kg)
Packed Sizing 414 X 347 X 625mm (18.5Kg)
Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty
Technical Support Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support included
Bundle Includes "3d printer, Support & Slicing Software, Half Kg Resin, 1 long-life tank"

Printed by Magnus

Exhibting the exceptional surface quality from the printed platforms by Magnus.