About Protospeed 3D Printers

Which Technology Protospeed 3D Printers are based on?

Protospeed 3D Printers are based on DLP Technology

Where are Protospeed 3D printers manufactured?

Protospeed 3D Printers are manufactured in United Arab Emirates. The manufacturing facility is located in Saif Zone, Sharjah. 

What are the salient features common in all Protospeed 3D Printers?

Common Salient features of Protospeed 3D Printers are

  • High-Speed Printing with Speeds upto 65mm/Hour at 50 Microns
  • Printing with Long Life Vats capable of printing 800-1000 Jobs without frequent need for calibration.
  •  Supported by user friendly Proto UI
  • Long operation capability

How can I buy Protospeed Products?

Our Resellers are present in 17 Countries and Growing. For countries without resellers Protospeed Ships directly through DHL & provides after sales support remotely.

To know more about Resellers Please Click Here. 

How can I contact Protospeed?

You can reachout to us through whatsapp floating icon present on bottom left on your screen. For further details you can Click Here

How do I slice my Jobs in Protospeed 3D Printers?

In Protospeed 3D Printers you can slice your jobs on the machine software through USB if you want to transfer multiple sliced jobs to the printers you can use ProtoSlicer software to transfer your jo remotely over wifi even while the printer is printing. 

Do my machine needs to be connected to internet everytime to print?

No your machine can function even if not connected to the internet. But it would require to connect to the internet for specific scenarios with the consent of the user like

  • Updating Profiles
  • Updating Softwares
  • After Sales Support


Can I print full heighted Casting trees, Bangle Trees & Full 200mm Bangles?

Yes You can print them as long as they are supported by build volume of the printer and properly supported. 

What type of VAT/Tank comes with Protospeed 3D Printers?

All Protospeed 3D Printers come with Aluminium based Long Life Vats. They are capable of printing  about 800-1000 Jobs and are refurbished by the authorized Resellers.

What is the price of Protospeed 3D Printers & Castable Resin?

The price of Protospeed 3D Printers & Castable Resins may vary country to country depending upon Duties & Taxes of each country. Please Click Here to find official Resellers in your country.
Also you can contact Protospeed support directly on whatsapp. Click here to talk to Protospeed Support.