Forowax Resin

Pendent Casting Tree

Casting tree made with smart use of Sprues as Supports.

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Resin Printing

50mm Glass Bangle

Filigree Glass Bangle with Jacket Style of Supports

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Protospeed Rapid

Pendent Earring Set

A Pendent Earring Set place into a single Sprue setup for 3D Printing & Casting

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3d printed chains


Chain with Sprues & Supports Ready for 3D Printing & Casting

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Printable Casting Tree

150 Balls Casting Tree

A Casting Tree of 150 Balls/Para set ready to be 3D Printed & Casted

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3D Cuban chain

Cuban Chain

A Casting Ready Cuban Chain Supported & Sprued

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Bangles Casting Tree

A Bangle Casting Tree Ready to be 3D Printed & Casted

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Free Jewelry Designs for Educating the Jewelry Manufacturing Industry



Educating the Jewelry Manufacturing Industry


Protospeed Believes in Innovation and spreading knowledge for the benefit of the Jewelry Manufacturing Industry. The R&D team works with all trendy designs to come up with new ways of 3D printing them. As the Castable Resins are more integrated into the Jewelry Manufacturing workflows. High Production Factories rely on smart ways to print high output within the constraints of their Printing Speeds and Platform Size. One such way is to print Casting trees directly. Whether it is Rings, Bangles, or other jewelry ornaments, casting trees can be made to ensure high production and saving of labor costs and time.


Importance of Support Structures in 3D Printing


Apply support structures is the most vital aspect of the 3D printing jewelry models. The supports determine how well a Jewelry Design is going to print. As supports are something that had traditionally only served the purpose of making the model print have now been used intelligently to serve the purpose of casting sprues. It is upon the best judgment & Jewelry Casting knowledge of the designer to use supports as sprues most efficiently.



Tutorials & Free Designs by Protospeed


Protospeed team takes feedback from the jewelry industry and identifies the knowledge gaps and hurdles in 3D printing new and difficult designs. Then detailed tutorials were made and uploaded to the Official YouTube channel and the Media & Tutorial Section of the website. With each of these tutorials, a Free STL File is provided for customers and jewelry enthusiasts to analyze and print themselves. Now the Free Stl can also be downloaded from the Free Designs section of the website.


The Role of Protospeed 3D Printers


The Protospeed 3D Printers are capable of printing with the speed of 65mm/Hour at 50um which enables its users to print multiple casting trees with the Span of 3-5 Hours depending upon the Resin & the Profiles. The Long Life Vats ensure that there are no beyond-standard weight variations between the jewelry pieces. The Capability of Long life Vats ensures consistent outputs with the need for repeated calibrations and changing of weights up to 800-1000 Jobs.